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During your consultation, Dr. Munroe will review your goals and design a treatment plan specific for you. Dr. Munroe will examine your facial features and review both surgical and non-surgical options. A typical consultation will take about one hour in our office.

As part of your consultation, the Cosmetic Eye Center of NH offers all of our patients a personalized facial analysis using the VISIA Skin Imaging System.

VISIA Skin Imaging System

We are proud to be the first practice in New Hampshire to offer the VISIA Facial Analysis—the most advanced computerized facial feature analysis system available today. VISIA’s multi-dimensional imaging provides precise measurements of your skin’s health and facial features. Eight key categories are analyzed:

The VISIA analysis is simple to perform and takes just a few minutes. Various tools in VISIA Software will be used to analyze your skin and help monitor the effectiveness of your treatment program over time.

VISIA Skin Imaging
VISIA Skin Imaging

The TRUSKIN AGE analysis will access your overall skin condition and age and providing a measurement to guide treatment options.

VISIA Skin Imaging

The VISIA Analysis automatically detects your skin type for image processing and feature analysis.

VISIA Skin Imaging

VISIA's patented comparison uses the world's largest database to compare your skin relative to others of the same age and skin type.

VISIA Skin Imaging

Simulates the aging process for spots and wrinkles.

VISIA Skin Imaging

Evaluates the results of eyelash treatments over time.

VISIA Skin Imaging

Visualize your skin's surface in three dimensions from any angle.

NOTE: The Visia Skin Analysis is most accurate when taken without cosmetics, so please come prepared to remove your make-up at the time of your consultation.

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