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Eyelid & Facial Lesion Removal

Eyelid lesions appear as bumps along the eyelid skin that can vary in size and appearance. While most eyelid lesions are benign, some can be cancerous.

There are many different types of eyelid lesions including:

At the time of your evaluation, Dr. Munroe will perform a complete examination. Eyelid lesions can be surgically removed for cosmetic reasons, if they interfere with vision, or if there is concern of a cancerous type. Dr. Munroe will review all the appropriate treatment options with you.

Eyelid & Facial Lesion Removal


Surgical excision of an eyelid lesion is normally done in the office and takes about 20-30 minutes to perform. You will be given a local anesthetic around the eye to prevent any discomfort. An incision will then be made in the eyelid to remove the lesion. Depending on the type of incision and location, the wound may be left alone to heal or closed with small sutures.

Immediately after the surgery, you may be given an antibiotic ointment. The lesion may be sent for biopsy.

Your eyelid may appear slightly bruised and swollen following the procedure. However, you should not have any significant discomfort. It is important to keep all follow up appointments to monitor the incision site.

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